One Girl is a non-profit organisation on a mission to educate 1 million girls across Africa by 2020. We believe that EVERY girl has the right to an education – no matter where she is born, how much her parents earn, what her culture says, or what religion she adheres to. Every girl deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and be the best she can be.
We currently work in Sierra Leone, West Africa – one of the world’s worst places to be born a girl. A girl born there is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend high school. That sucks – but we can change it! We work to educate and empower girls through scholarships, school awesomisation, business training and giving girls and women access to sanitary pads. Since 2009 we’ve supported over 1300 women and girls through education, but there’s more to be done.
An educated girl will have a smaller, healthier family. She’ll go on to earn 10-20% more for every extra year she is educated, and she’ll invest 90% of that back into her family. When you educate a girl, the ripple effects will go on to benefit her family, her whole community, and even entire nations. An educated girl is a revolution - because when you educate a girl, she can change her world.
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