The foundation of every state is the
education of its youth



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The courage that the students exhibited was mind-blowing and there was great respect shown. The willingness for students to open up is a testament to the way Youth Out Loud team delivered the program and made the room a safe space.

Youth Out Loud is highly recommended for having a relevant, meaningful and engaging program for the students to develop as people.

Lachlan Hunter Year 9 Coordinator

One thing I liked was their enthusiasm and ability to empower the students to make a difference and stand up to bullying. I would recommend Youth Out Loud to any Schools who want to build resilience in their students and empower them to address bullying head on.

Matthew Sudomlak MOrnington & Peninsula Shire Youth Services

The programs run by Youth Out Loud are innovative, dynamic and relevant to helping young people create solutions to the issues they face.

Evelyn M Field Psychologist | Author of Best Selling Book Bully Blocking