Our Primary Mission

"Is to Inspire Youth across the WORLD to tackle issues
that negatively impact on young people"

What we provide


We have been facilitating our programs for Over 25 years


Developing a whole school culture based on Respect & Responsibility


We inspire you to change the way you think and to become the best possible
version of yourself!

We’ve started a new community conversation on Bullying.

We've taken the confusion out of bullying and re-defined it as simply

"A Lack of Respect"

You see, we believe Everyone More easily understands this word "Respect"
So the challenge is to begin showing others more RESPECT and even more importantly show Yourself more RESPECT.
Stand up. Stand strong
For more RESPECT!

What People Say

The courage that the students exhibited was mind-blowing and there was great respect shown. The willingness for students to open up is a testament to the way Youth Out Loud team delivered the program and made the room a safe space.

Youth Out Loud is highly recommended for having a relevant, meaningful and engaging program for the students to develop as people.

Lachlan Hunter Year 9 Coordinator

One thing I liked was their enthusiasm and ability to empower the students to make a difference and stand up to bullying. I would recommend Youth Out Loud to any Schools who want to build resilience in their students and empower them to address bullying head on.

Matthew Sudomlak MOrnington & Peninsula Shire Youth Services

The programs run by Youth Out Loud are innovative, dynamic and relevant to helping young people create solutions to the issues they face.

Evelyn M Field Psychologist | Author of Best Selling Book Bully Blocking


Inspirational Quote of the Month

The problems we have in the world today will NEVER be solved by those who created them.

- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller

"Its time to stand up, get involved and take charge!

What is it that you feel strongly about?

Come join us in making a difference.....

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